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Knitting and Crochet

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Like to knit or crochet but hate to put it together well we have the answer for you. We have several people that just love putting things together.

We have fine finishers from all over the country to finish and put the final touches on your piece for you. Be it framing, handbags, pillows, shoes, chairs, piano bench, belts, etc. They use the finest leather products, fabric and expertise in the industry.

They will whip out and finish a Cardigan, Pullover, Jacket, Blanket, etc. in just a few days. Just give us the pieces, sleeves, collar, any attachments and extra yarn and we will get it done.

For example you need finishing touches on a scarf, like a ruffle on the edges or a blanket with a crochet edge, long fringe on a shawl - you tell us and they can do it.

What about a handbag, need lining or flowers attached, maybe the hardware just bring it in and leave it with us.

Need buttons or a zipper on a sweater, handbag , etc. they will put them on.

Many yarns are made of different fibers therefore we will not steam or press.

Prices of course vary depending on what needs to be done, but we will get a quote for you before the project is started. All finishing requires a 50% deposit.






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